Co-working space in Bognor Regis Railway station welcomes its first members

A ‘creative and digital hub’ in Bognor Regis railway station is celebrating after welcoming its first batch of freelance members this week.

Monday, 27th September 2021, 3:28 pm
Updated Monday, 27th September 2021, 3:30 pm

The_Track welcomed its first business and freelance members this week ahead of a formal launch.

Covid-19 restrictions have affected co-working spaces like The_Track and it has been forced to operate at a limited capacity for several months. Despite this, it has safely held more than 40 workshops, supporting more than 200 people. It is also home to a number of new local businesses, one of which has already started hiring employees.

The_Track, organised by West Sussex County Council in collaboration with a variety of other organisations, provides a shared and collaborative workspace, events space and meeting rooms, complete with fibre optic broadband for a variety of businesses in the area.

The_Track in Bognor Regis Railway Station

BAM training is one of the businesses which has made its home in the shared space. Director Neil Denley, who founded the company in March 2021, said: “As a start-up we were looking for an office location that was flexible and able to adapt as we grew- while providing a professional environment.

“Since then we have been blown away with the creative assets within the building- the community manager Georgia has been invaluable in connecting us with other businesses to support our development.”

The space has also supported local workers displaced from their office or hoping to shorten their commute with a workspace closer to home.

Alastair Cullen is a buyer from B&Q who was struggling with working from home after his workplace changed. Working at The_Track, he said, was the perfect way to restore his focus: “I was finding it challenging to work from home after office capacity was cut from my workplace. I missed the water cooler chat and began to feel lonely working on my own at home every single day. Working at the hub has resulted in my productivity increasing.”

For Paul Marshall, Leader of West Sussex County Council, Mr Cullen’s is exactly the kind of positive feedback he wants to hear:

“It means that we, and the team that heads up The_Track, have done the right things to make sure that the space can perform to its full potential and provide local people with a collaborative working space that serves individuals with their own unique way of working.”