Chichester College issues statement over proposed Maths and English teacher redundancies

The Chichester College Group has confirmed it is considering job losses in English and Maths departments.

Tuesday, 12th January 2021, 10:27 am
Updated Wednesday, 13th January 2021, 9:41 am

A spokesman confirmed the group is consulting staff over the proposed redundancies which will effect Maths and English lecturers at the Chichester and Brinsbury sites.

Chichester College UCU has raised serious concerns about the plans and has recieved support from a number of local councillors.

Maths and English teachers jobs at risk at Chichester CollegeChichester College Group said if redundancies are made, it would work 'very hard' to redeploy staff.

Chichester College

A Chichester College spokesperson said: "Chichester College Group (CCG) can confirm that it is currently undertaking a consultation with staff who teach Maths and English. As with any staff consultation, this is a meaningful two way process where we engage with employees and their representatives to explain planned changes and get their feedback and input on proposals.

"CCG, along with all FE (Further Education) colleges, have faced significant challenges in funding and under investment for a number of years. The funding for state funded provision has fallen by circa 30 per cent in real terms over the past ten years.

"As UCU are aware, this has put significant pressure on all FE colleges in terms of their finances and has required a continuous culture of seeking efficiencies and savings.

"In the past, CCG has relied heavily on its commercial businesses to subsidise this shortfall. Unfortunately one of the impacts of Covid-19 has been that a significant amount of this commercial income has fallen away and will take a number of years to return.

This has left the Group in a position where we are forecast to make a significant deficit in 20/21. Our financial health and sustainability are critical and, in order to address this, we have had to seek savings and efficiencies across our business.

"As part of these necessary savings, we are consulting on reducing the cost of delivery in our Maths and English provision. Our proposal seeks to find alternative ways to deliver teaching to those who need to retake their GCSE Maths and English.

"The revised model that we are proposing does entail some job losses, but we believe it will still provide our learners with the quality teaching and support they need to further their attainment in these areas.

"We will of course consider views and alternative models during this consultation period but the requirement to make savings remains. If we do have to make redundancies then, as always, we would work very hard to redeploy any staff who lose their jobs."