Chicane of guard rails can stay at Felpham

A chicane of guard rails and fencing can be retained instead of bollards next to an emergency access gate on land north of Felpham.

Monday, 27th September 2021, 2:38 pm

Arun District Council planning officers said outline permission was granted in August 2005 for residential development and the construction of the Bognor Regis Northern Relief Road from the A259 at Felpham to A29 following a call-in inquiry.

“During the inquiry the inspector requested the provision of a bus route from the south along Westmorland Drive and running through Blake’s Mead, utilising the route along Broomfield Way, which was accessible via removable bollards,” a report said.

“By 2019 it was clear that a public bus service would not be following this route into Blake’s Mead.”

Controversial barriers can stay in Felpham, say Arun planners

The developer then put in place the guard rails to deter motorcycle access and submitted a planning application.

While Felpham Parish Council had no objection, two letters from residents said the design of the emergency access gates is unfit for purpose, he emergency access gates rattle in light winds and keep the residents awake at night and the ambulance service and the fire service ‘have failed to gain access through the emergency access gates’.

Three letters supported the plans, saying since the gates have been installed, Westmorland Drive has been much safer and noise levels have dropped and the chicanes are required to prevent motorbikes from racing through.

The ambulance service put in an objection saying one of the two emergency access gates should be removed.

It said: “This application merely comprises the fitting of two padlocks with matching codes and rubber pads so the gates do not rattle.

“To refer to these as emergency gates is a misnomer; in the event of a genuine emergency, a degree of speed is required, and stopping to unlock two padlocks is contrary to this.”

But planners said the provision of two sets of gates ensures that vehicles do not park on both sides of the carriageway and block the movement of the emergency services.

Officers said the application was ‘acceptable’ as the ‘guard rails and the post and rail fencing deter motorcycle access, but enable pedestrian and bicycle access to Blake’s Mead from Westmorland Drive’.

“The as-built layout ensures the provision of safe access onto Blake’s Mead and onto the local highway network by emergency services vehicles, and the provision of a bicycle link at the junction of Broomfied Way and Westmorland Drive which contributes towards the provision of a joined-up cycle network between Blake’s

Mead and places of work, education, leisure and retail in Felpham, Bognor Regis, Littlehampton and

further afield.

To view the decision go to the Arun planning portal and use the reference FP/170/21/PL