Building a block of three flats in Bognor Regis is refused again

Plans to build a new block of three flats in Bognor Regis have been refused.

Friday, 19th November 2021, 4:49 pm

An application for two two bed units and a one bed unit with alterations to the fenestration of the existing building at Ravenna, Richmond Avenue West, was submitted to Arun District Council.

The new building would have been two and a half storey and detached to the south of Ravenna House, a two and a half storey house of multiple occupation.

Officers said: “The development results in an intensification of use of the site and a cramped appearance adversely affecting the character of the building occupying the site and the character of the residential area which affects neighbouring amenities and fails to provide an adequate area of amenity space which would demonstrably harm the amenities of future and existing occupants.

Plans for a three flat block next to Ravenna House in Bognor Regis were refused

“Having regard to the proximity and relationship of the building to neighbouring residential properties the proposal creates unacceptable living conditions for the occupants of adjoining properties through overlooking the private area of Canberra Court and being overbearing to Ravenna House.”

They also said insufficient information had been provided about the surface water drainage system.

Previous plans for a similar development were refused in December.

Objections were received from Bognor Regis Town Council on the grounds of access and highways safety – specifically access by emergency vehicles; layout and density of the buildings; the reasons of refusal of the previous application have not been addressed; the proposed parking spaces do not meet ADC’s requirement.

Cllr Matt Stanley objected due to the impact of the proposal on off street parking, access to emergency services in the area and over-development of the site.

Nyewood Estate & Sunnydale Park Estate Residents Association also objected saying the existing building ‘in the form of a dilapidated and poorly managed HMO continues to cause significant issues for the surrounding neighbourhood mainly due to loud music, kerbside vehicle repairs late at night and waste management’.

It said the new proposal was identical in size and impact to the previous one, the reasons of refusal not addressed; parking provision at the expense of amenity space; no electric charging points provided.

The applicant fails to consider the effect of seasonal visitors to the seaside who are all predisposed to park as close to the shore as possible, it said.

Two letters were also received from residents on the grounds of access for the rubbish truck and emergency services being already limited and cars are often parked up on the bend of the junction.

To view the decision go to the Arun District Council planning portal and use the reference


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