Bognor woman's view 'obliterated' on arrival of big blue container

Barbara Mosely (left) and Jeanette Warr (right) either side of the offending view. Picture by Kate Shemilt
Barbara Mosely (left) and Jeanette Warr (right) either side of the offending view. Picture by Kate Shemilt

A Bognor Regis resident is speaking out after a ‘great big blue’ container arrived outside her home, blocking her view of the road.

Barbara Mosely, 73, moved into the grade II listed building in December 2017.

She said: “It just appeared overnight. It just completely blocks my view – I have only got tiny windows and it is so prominent.”

Barbara said she was ‘shattered’ when the container appeared outside her home. “I thought, ‘what’s that?’ I just couldn’t believe it. I used to be able to see outside.”

UK Health has applied to Arun District Council for permission to retain the storage container on the site.

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Barbara said: “I am not going to stay quiet. I really don’t like it and I got in touch with a friend of mine straight away who told me to get onto a councillor.”

She approached Liberal Democrat councillor Jeanette Warr who said the shipping container ‘obliterated’ Barbara’s view.

“When Mrs Mosely asked me as a councillor to go and have a look I was rather shocked.

“It was so tall and, in fact, it was quite surprising. The reflection of the container was just split through the window making her wall light blue.

“It’s just a blot on the landscape — she has a right to complain, it’s way above the normal height of a fence or wall.

“It has been brought to the attention of Arun District Council and myself as planning officer [of Bognor Regis Town Council].”

Members of Bognor Regis planning and licensing committee objected to the planning application by UK Health ‘on numerous grounds’ at a committee meeting on Tuesday 19.

Speaking at the meeting after being shown picture of the container, councillor Pat Dillon said: “Theses pictures don’t show the offence that thing has on the eye.”

The application will be decided by planners at Arun District Council. For more information see planning reference: (BR/14/19/PL)