'Bognor pubs need our support' says councillor

The Unicorn pub and councillor Matt Stanley
The Unicorn pub and councillor Matt Stanley

Pubs, bars and restaurants need our support to keep a nighttime economy, according to town councillor Matt Stanley.

Matt who also sits as a councillor for Arun District Council made the comments following the news that two Bognor business owners had spoken out, saying that the pub was being unfairly blamed for the 'significant problem' with anti-social behaviour in the area.

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Matt said: "The Unicorn is only one of many pubs, bars and restaurants in the Bognor Regis Old Town that are valiantly trying to carve out a nighttime economy for the town. What they all need is support, both from our Councils and the Police to enable this to continue to grow.

"An urgent review of lighting is required, we need to ensure the dark corners in this area are better lit, importantly in a way which does not detract from the conservation area. The new CCTV was a welcome introduction however it needs to be proactively monitored. Consistency of police presence in the area, especially of an evening is essential.

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"Buildings cannot be held responsible for anti-social behaviour. If those in authority refuse to tackle the individuals concerned these issues will just move to another location. Of course premises need to do their bit, however we need to ensure we are also giving them the tools to be successful."

In the December 20, 2018 edition of the Observer, Matt's fellow councillor, Sandra Daniells (Independent aligned Conservative) said there was 'clearly a problem' at the pub and said: "Some people have said that there is so much trouble round there late at night like fights."

The pub had attracted attention from the council after it received complaints regarding a breach of licencing and litter.