Bognor music concert in memory of Danny

Musician Adam Turner performing. Picture contributed. X-S94VCrzh1U8CzxSJQn
Musician Adam Turner performing. Picture contributed. X-S94VCrzh1U8CzxSJQn

A musician and family friend of Danny Johnston is running a music concert tomorrow to raise awareness of mental health issues.

Adam Turner said support so far for the event at Newtown Social Club in Bognor had been ‘amazing’ with fellow musicians from around the county stepping in to perform for free, with all proceeds from the night to go to to the Danny Johnston Foundation.

Adam will be the headline performer on the night from 7pm-11pm, called ‘Mental Health Matters’.

He said: “As a sufferer of anxiety and depression myself it’s something I’m really passionate about and something I really want to raise awareness of because I believe there isn’t enough help out there for people, especially as Danny was a soldier, there wasn’t the help out there for him when he left.”

He said ‘something had to be done’ to improve the provision of mental health support.

He said: “You can fix a broken leg with a cast or you can fix it with a plaster but when someone has problems going on inside their head that you can’t see there doesn’t seem to be any support out there.”

He said the community had been very supportive and his event and special thanks went to the social club for providing the venue free of charge.

Acts due to perform on the night include Ife&Mister Smith, Kayncee, Spraza, Marshall Mandiango, Reuben and a DJ set from Nelson Navarro.

Tickets will be £2 on the door, with the venue in Greencourt Drive open from 7pm.