Award-winning student visits Bognor MP at Parliament

MP Nick Gibb invited Regis student Darci Scott to Westminster
MP Nick Gibb invited Regis student Darci Scott to Westminster

Regis School student Darci Scott was invited to the Houses of Parliament by Bognor MP Nick Gibb.

Darci, her parents and brother met Nick in London on July 25 following her success in winning the WE Generation Award at the WE Day charity event held at Wembley Arena this March.

WE Day is an run by WE Charity, a global educational programme which aims to inspire young people to become engaged in local, national and global issues and empower them with the skills to make real change.

The charity is active in 14,500 schools across the UK and North America and has raised more than £78 million pounds for charity.

The WE Generation Award was begun this year in order to recognise the outstanding contribution of young people to local and global causes.

Darci was one of just two students to receive this award in the UK.

She helped to collect 1,600kg of food for local food banks and organised an event for 100 other primary school students.

Nick said: “It was a delight to meet Darci Scott, who is a very articulate young person with a natural sense of civic spiritedness and a concern for others.

“Darci takes a keen interest in current affairs and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she ended up in the House of Commons herself one day.”