Arun’s green waste bins stay full as delays continue

Residents have spoken out about the disruption to the green waste club service this week.

Thursday, 5th August 2021, 11:51 am
Updated Thursday, 5th August 2021, 11:55 am

Delays to the collection of green waste have continued this week as Biffa, the waste management company in charge of collections throughout Arun District announced it is several weeks behind schedule for some collections.

The Green Waste Club website says bins which were due to be collected on July 21 and other collections which were originally due on July 23 may not be picked up until tomorrow (August 6).

“They seem to expect you to be permanently online to work out they’ve decided that your bins are going to be emptied,” said Aldwick resident Nicholas Haddon, who signed up for a two year subscription to the Green Waste Club service.

Arun District brown bins

“I got a letter that said, on June 21, Biffa took the decision to suspend green waste collection for two weeks. Well, they didn’t bother to inform anybody!”.

Residents pay nearly £80 a year for the service, which is out-sourced to Biffa by Arun Distrcit Council, and many feel short-changed by the severe delays and lack of communication.

Aside from a letter of apology sent on July 29, Mr Haddon made clear that Biffa has not been in touch about the delays, a contention echoed by many other users.

“Behind with collections, but up to date with direct debits,” remarked one customer on Facebook.

“They keep charging us for a service that we just aren’t receiving,” added Bognor Regis resident Adele Jones, who signed up for the collection service on June 10.

She said her bin is now full and has been sat outside her house awaiting collection for several weeks.

Frustrated by the measures, some residents are taking matters into their own hands.

“My wife found the man from the Green Waste Club looking in the brown bin and quickly went outside to demand he empty it,

“He eventually did as she stood in front of his lorry until he did,” said resident Chirs Naftel on the Observer Facebook page.

Biffa has attributed the delays to a national shortage of drivers and the sheer volume of green waste being presented, urging customers to check the green waste club website for updates. To make up for the shortfall in service, the company is also accepting three additional bags of garden waste per customer.

In a letter sent to customers on July 29, managing director Roger Edwards said: ”Other councils are experiencing similar problems and the industry is working with government to try and find a solution.”

A spokesperson for the company also addressed the issue, adding: “to combat the issue, we are currently training more drivers and running a recruitment drive to attract more people to the business. Our collections in Arun resumed last month and we are currently collecting extra waste at a significant number of properties. The ongoing driver shortage has led to further services being rescheduled ut we are working hard to minimise the disruption.”