Peanut shell-burning stoves are next project

STOVES which can burn alternative fuels such as briquettes made of peanut shells are the next fundraising project of Bognor Regis-based Nyodema.

The briquettes are a readily available waste product from the Gambian peanut industry.

This reduces deforestation and they can also be used with charcoal, which is still more efficient than traditional stoves.

The stoves can also be used indoors. Nyodema donated two of the stoves to families in The Gambia, including Lamin Saho’s.

Both have been delighted with them and would like more to be donated. Providing more will enable Lamin to earn money selling the briquettes.

It will also continue the tradition of Nyodema since the community group was formed in 2007, of raising thousands of pounds for projects in The Gambia.

A fun day of percussion workshops and instrument-making will be held by the Nyodema Drummers on July 13 at the Regis Centre on Belmont Street.