Paul wants to take on world’s leading bikes

Paul Milbourn with his prize-winning motorbike SUS-140818-085812001
Paul Milbourn with his prize-winning motorbike SUS-140818-085812001

MOTORCYCLE builder Paul Milbourn has the chance to put Barnham on the 
biker’s map.

Paul has created a 
two-wheeler to enter the world championships for the first time in Germany at the end of next month.

The petite model for his wife, Manuela Milbourn, will be up against the globe’s top bikes if Paul can get the backing to take it to the major event for motorcycle lovers.

But he is in need of a van to transport his bike across the Channel. Anyone willing to help him should phone him on 07557 448463.

He said: “I won the best 
in show at the Bulldog Bash (an annual bike show) with the bike.

“I’m trying to get the money together to go to the championships.

There will be a lot of big companies there and it’s 
very much geared around them. But it would still be good to go there.”

The latest bike which Paul, 42, of Yapton Road, has created is his custom chopper version of a Honda XL600 with a 600cc engine, as seen in the photograph courtesy of Biker Lifestyle website.

“This bike has been built 
in my workshop at home in my garage.

“It’s a petite bike with a lot more detail on it than I usually do,” he said. “It’s handmade from its forks to its frame and wheels. Most of its engine is as well. Its top speed is 80mph and it would get you there quickly.”

Paul, an angineer, works for a Bognor Regis fabrication company. He usually builds and sells a bike every year.

He said: “It’s like a disease. I began 15 years ago and I can’t stop. It’s incredibly satisfying to put one together from scratch.”

His work has seen him win a French championship and several European titles.

He has previously qualified for the world event, but sold the bike before the championship took place.