Parking ban brought in by school

FURTHER parking restrictions have come into force around a school.

A ban imposed by West Sussex County Council on waiting at any time at certain sites close to Downview Primary School, Felpham, came into force on Monday.

Waiting is prohibited at any time at the junctions of Wroxham Way with Stalham Way and Downview Road/Whitelands and the northern junction of Ormesby Crescent. The ruling also extended the length of the yellow lines on the western side of Wroxham Way at its junction with Sutton Close.

It further enacted the ‘School Keep Clear’ markings near the junction of Wroxham Way and Sutton Close on both sides of Wroxham Way.

Felpham county councillor Graham Jones urged for restrictions because of the school’s expansion.

“I have supported this matter all the way,” he said.

“My prime concern was the safety of the children going to and from school, especially with the extension of the school being built. Residents also had a lot of concerns about parking in the roads on the school run.

“I’m not worried about inconvenience to motorists.”