Parish chairman pays tribute to volunteers’ tireless efforts

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A RE-ELECTED Eastergate chairman has highlighted volunteers hard work.

Chris Allington, who was re-elected to the top position on Eastergate Parish Council last Thursday, used the parish’s annual assembly to give his thanks to volunteers and groups.

Cllr Allington said: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the band of councillors sitting alongside me, and those who could not be here tonight, for their continued hard work. I would also like to thank our clerk, Gary Sleet.

“I would like to thank our district councillors Jean Goad, John Charles and Dougal Maconachie and our West Sussex county councillor Dereck Whittington.”

Cllr Allington also praised the work of the many volunteers and groups that contribute to the Eatergate area.

“Working in partnership can be challenging, but we have done so whenever we can. Our joint work with Barnham Parish Council on projects concerning both parishes has helped us to make sure we have more energy to fight against emerging threats.”

John Kilroy was also 
re-elected as the council’s vice-chairman.