Paramedic crews on the move


PARAMEDIC crews could be on the move.

South East Coast Ambulance Services NHS Foundation Trust wants to create an ambulance community response post in North Bersted.

This is intended to be used by up to six staff at a time and replace the town’s ambulance station on Chichester Road.

A statement by Russell Kempton, of the trust’s estates office, says: “Following an extensive search of the local area, the application site was identified as the place that best achieves the strategic aims of the trust and will aim to maximise response times to emergencies, ensuring speedy and efficient delivery of services.

“We are proposing to lease
an industrial unit and use it as a rest facility for up to two ambulance crews, up to six staff at any one time.

“We would normally be keeping at least one crew here during the whole 24-hour period – which equates to 12 whole-time staff to cover these shifts.”

A transport analysis by the trust shows an expected maximum average of four movements an hour from 
8am-midnight from the premises on Oldlands Way on the Southern Cross Industrial Estate

An average of two 
movements is expected for the remaining hours.

The trust’s intentions to shut the ambulance station were reported last June. The 
shake-up will see a make-ready centre created at Tangmere.

This will enable the eight ambulances, four ambulance cars and a 4X4 vehicle in the area to be serviced there and medicines stored centrally.

But a set of community response posts is also being created to ensure ambulance crews are sited close to the 
most demand.

Crews will start and end their shifts in the make-ready centre but spend the rest of the 
time on the road or in the response posts.

The trust had tried to locate the response post away from homes to lessen any potential disruption, said Mr Kempton. Another response post is wanted in southern Bognor Regis.