Pagham Pram Race 2018: See pictures of the historic race

This year's Pagham Pram Race raised 'more money than ever before' according to its treasurer.

Thursday, 27th December 2018, 5:15 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 11:16 am
Picture by Samuel Horne

Andrew Goodwill, treasurer for the Pagham Pram Race said: "It was absolutely brilliant. It was one of the best ones we have run. We've raised more money than ever before. The bucket collection was £3197.65, nearly four hundred more than last year which is absolutely astonishing.

"We are amazed every year at the amount of contestants that take part. This is the true meaning of charity."

Andrew explained that, because the events operating costs such as insurance (as much as £1,000 per year), are covered by sponsorship.

Picture by Samuel Horne

While there was a race for people with disabilities, turn out isn't what the organisers hoped it would be. "It's something we would like to see and we do go to the nth degree to accommodate.

"The collection is getting bigger and bigger. £3,000 was our target and the more we get the more we can give to the local groups. The event was well attended and the crowd was brilliant — they were cheering and clapping.

"We hope to think it's just growing. The race itself takes three months to organise but during the year we raise money with other events. We hope to be able to give out more money this year.

People appeal to the charity for money and a committee decides how much is given out and to who. The money is then awarded at an event which is set to take place in February.

"We don't give it out willy-nilly. One year we gave a donation to a disabled lady who wanted a ramp to her house because she couldn't afford it and the council couldn't do it. We are always looking for local groups and good causes.

"The race has become a rite of passage for people when they turn 18 but anyone can get involved if it just one or two or 100 of them."

Andrew said his favourites this year, although they didn't win anything, were a father and son racing in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in memory of the grandfather who had raced 50 years ago.

Here are the winners:

Main race

1st Team Mexico

2nd Calm Down/Calm Down

3rd Marvel

Ladies Race

1st Mario and Luigi

2nd Where's Wally

3rd Mad Scientists

Pub Challenge

Pirates (The Lion pub)


1st Red Sparrows

2nd Rose Green Juniors School

3rd Barbie and Ken

Fancy Dress

1st The Beatles Yellow Submarine

2nd Get Me Out Of Here

3rd Michael Jackson

4th Princess Fifi