Optician supports sporty youngsters

Aimee Chiddle and Austin Wilton, winners of a sporting competition run by Bridle Opticians
Aimee Chiddle and Austin Wilton, winners of a sporting competition run by Bridle Opticians

AN optician who is passionate about helping children to play sport has rewarded two deserving candidates.

Aimee Chiddle and Austin Wilton were winners in a Facebook sport vision competition for children, run by Bridle Opticians in Felpham and East Wittering.

Owner David Bridle said: “I passionately believe that children should be enabled and empowered to achieve their potential in sport as a way to health, confidence and the Olympics.

“This was a great opportunity to show where lots of children are being held back by a ‘glasses ceiling’ and not being allowed to achieve their potential in sport.

“The competition was for children who cannot see well enough to play sport to the best of their capabilities unless they wear spectacles.”

Austin Wilton, nine, has a trait of albinism, which means he has poor eyesight and is very sensitive to the sun.

His swimming lessons are taught in a greenhouse-like room and the sunlight was hurting his eyes but since his dad bought him tinted prescription swimming goggles from Bridle, his swimming has improved dramatically.

Aimee Chiddle wears sports glasses for her football training, which she loves. She has been wearing them for more than eight months and finds they allow her to see the ball from all directions.

Mr Bridle said: “She no longer has to worry about glasses flying off her face if she is tackled. Her mum says that her ability has grown, along with her confidence.

“We are so pleased the glasses and goggles helped them both with their sports. It is extremely important to us that children who want to participate in sports are not forced to sit on the sidelines. We supply suitable, safe and protective sports glasses and goggles to give them the confidence they need.”

Bridle Opticians has branches in Felpham Road, Felpham, and Shore Road, East Wittering.