Zero tolerance is the only limit when it comes to drink-driving

When did the days suddenly get so much shorter?

Whoever put the sun to bed to hibernate for the winter certainly didn’t warn me. And the worst thing is we probably won’t see it again until March next year.

On the plus side it means the season to be jolly is nearly here, full of festive gatherings and warm spiced beverages.

Something I couldn’t help thinking about when I heard there have been talks about changing the drink-drive limit.I can’t believe the UK has the highest limit in the entire world.

Whatever 80mg per 100ml means in terms of mulled wine and brandy fuelled pudding I’m not to sure.

In fact I’m never too sure how my body will react to a drink either.

Sometimes half a glass of wine will see me wanting to nap under the table.

While other times I can have a few classy cans of beer and still be awake for the end of the football.

Which is why when it comes to drinking and driving my rule is simple, if I am doing one I do not do the other. Ever.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with liking a drink.

Sometimes surviving the week deserves to be toasted with a glass of wine, and a curry just tastes better with a cold bottle of beer.

Plus nothing goes better with a good girly catch up than cocktails.

I just don’t get behind the wheel afterwards.

As a result I’ve often been the ‘sober one’ which I promise is a lot more than it sounds – especially at Christmas parties.

After all there needs to be someone who remembers the embarrassing stories the next day.

And it is always nice to be laughing rather than laughed at.

Not to mention it just makes sense. No drink is worth risking my life or worse someone elses.

And I don’t want people who take those chances to be on the roads either.

It should be zero tolerance, it is as simple as that.