YOUTH MATTERS Simon Pyke...At last we have made it to our own home sweet home

Well I never thought the day would come!

My girlfriend and I have finally managed to get our own place.

After months scrolling through property websites, filtering the good from the bad, we eventually struck gold.

A few double-takes later and we were straight on the phone to book a viewing (a phone which would prove to be my best friend in the months ahead). Upon opening the front door, everything felt right and we realised this was the one.

From that point we just had to wait for the call for confirmation it was ours, and that couldn’t come soon enough.

Moving in day arrived and our first night alone in the new flat was a strange one. It was almost like your first night in an unfamiliar hotel room, although we had an awful lot more boxes!

You would think after moving so many boxes and furniture up to our flat on the second floor, I would have been exhausted, well I was. However the excitement must have taken over because at 5.30am I was wide awake and itching to get started.

Unpacking our boxes was like Christmas come early, half of the things we had were new and hadn’t even seen the light of day yet. And the more we unpacked the more it became our home.

Just over a week has passed and things are starting to take shape. I even became a bit of a handyman after watching my dad all these years.

Armed with his electric drill, a pencil and a tape measure, I was off.

Living room blinds DONE, pictures DONE, bathroom towel rail DONE.

‘Is that straight’, my girlfriend cried and ‘hmm I’m not sure about that, try it on that wall’.

Many cups of tea later and my work was done, for now anyway. Let’s not mention how long this took me, but the fact that nothing has fallen down yet, hurrah!