YOUTH MATTERS Kelly Wickham...Winter isn’t the ideal time for dieting or a new fitness regime

The moment January comes around, the cold weather returns and the streets are once more filled with crazy people running.

I read recently that around 42 per cent of people’s new year’s resolutions are around losing weight or getting fit. That’s almost half the population sporting Lycra outfits and venturing out in the icy winds and dark nights to attempt to jog around their area and get healthy.

The rest sign up to 12-month gym memberships, vowing to stick to a strict regime. Chances are they go for the first few weeks, maybe even months and then fork out pounds to boost Duncan Bannatyne’s bank balance.

Then there’s the health kick of detoxing and dieting. People coming to work and carrying a tub full of lettuce leaves and grated carrot and drinking green teas as a bid to get rid of those antioxidants and look beautiful.

Sadly, they sit there and complain of headaches and hunger pains and slowly start with adding in a piece of toast and cup of coffee for breakfast. Before long, you see they’re nipping to the greasy spoon at lunch and wolfing down a bowl of chips with a cuppa.

I understand that the new year is all about ‘a new you’ and what better way than having a healthy body to aid a healthy mind and so on, but all we end up doing is setting ourselves up for failure by choosing the worse season to start.

The best idea is to start your health kick in the summer. In the winter, our body is cold and tired and craves the extra fatty foods and sleep we need and in the warm months.

Once July comes around, you can consume as much as salad and water as you desire and know your body will be more grateful and with more success!

Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying then curling up on the sofa in the warm with a DVD and Mars bar while watching the joggers go by!