YOUTH MATTERS Kelly Wickham...All the signs of springing into the new season

It’s been a tough winter. The fluffy white snow which gently floated from the sky and covered the ground in a soft, icy blanket caused havoc.

Long gone are the days when we were children and found the frozen rain fun. A warm excitement flowing through your veins with every fresh footprint you make in the new, crisp droppings of snow. Gathering up the fragile substance in woollen gloves to make snowballs and snowmen, and feeling each finger slowly turn numb with the cold, without really caring.

Suddenly, spring is just round the corner and it’s time to hang up those thick, heavy jackets, knitted bobble hats and lusciously long warm scarves.

Now Christmas has passed, the threadbare tinsel has been pulled down, trees have wilted and rotted and the ornaments which have been stored in an old shoe box, with snowmen and Santas missing glitter and now just covered in scruffy remnants of glue and missing ribbon ties are put back in the attic, its time to move forward to the next season. And already, the shops are preparing the shelves full of chocolate goodness in the shape of eggs, chicks and bunnies, despite a late Easter fall.

Instead of taking the time to appreciate the glistening cobwebs dusted with snow, hanging from the corner of the window, the gentle fluttering of snow in the moon’s beams at night and the fresh prints of deer and foxes in local fields, we can now welcome the golden glint of yellow daffodils bobbing their heads in the calm breeze, the gentle hop of newly-born bunnies along the grass verge of every road and the soothing chirp of baby birds at sunrise.

Each day I’m appreciating the few seconds of extra light in the morning, the moderate rise in temperature and the additional glimpses showing me winter is now fading and the new season is almost here, because before we know it, Christmas will be filling up the shops’ shelves and the chill and frosty wintertime will be back with vengeance!