Wedding Tips with Louise Arram

Congratulations! The biggest day of your life is now approaching, it’s what you’ve waited and planned for since you were a little girl!

Once your engagement is announced, set the date, book the church/register office and your venue for your reception.

The next most important thing is to decide on your budget. Your wedding needn’t run into thousands of pounds!

Start making a list of people, you’ll be surprised how many people there are to invite.

Decide if you want your wedding to be a children-free zone or book an entertainer, face painter and even a sweetie lady (very popular).

Go to as many wedding fairs as possible, unless you find what you’re looking for at the first one.

Sample everything, collect freebies and watch bridal fashion shows to give you ideas for yourself, mother of the bride and your bridesmaids (maybe go with your fiancé, too)

It’s important for you as the bride to be happy with what you see.

Wedding rings are a must, as we know. You will usually find a wide variety of jewellers at wedding fairs.

The next preparations are the flowers!

I have to say, this is one of my favourite things about a wedding.

Think about not only the bouquets, but also centre pieces and cake decorations.

Last, but definitely not least, is your hair and makeup (my speciality).

This is where everything finally comes together, it’s like a finishing touch to a cake, where everyone can stand back and say wow!

When you’re walking about at the wedding fayre, you’ll come across makeup artists and hairdressers who specialise in weddings. Even if you only wear makeup when you go out, or maybe never, you will need some on the big day, a lot of brides don’t realise that once the dress is on, the makeup and hair will complete their look.

Don’t take my word, look at some of the photographs.

If you’re still unsure about your look, contact me for a free consultation on or find me on Facebook at The Beauty Lounge.

Alternatively, come and see me exhibit at Upwaltham Barns on Sunday, April 6.

I can safely say we become your best friends during the run-up to the big day and even on the day.

I’ve been known to dress brides, organise the wedding party into their correct cars and more.

It is a stressful day, but as long as you’ve planned and finalised everything, you will have the time of your life!