The park is the best, what have you been up to?

Fun in the park.
Fun in the park.

THE Easter Holidays are great! Two weeks off school to spend with my friends and family!

I’ve already been to the park with mum, it’s my favourite place.

I spun round really fast on the roundabout and she pushed me really high on the swings, and then we got an ice cream!

Where’s your favourite place to visit during half term?

I’ve also been having fun in the garden with my friends when they’ve come round to visit.

We’ve been having a great time playing games like hide and seek and tag. Mum also made us a picnic for lunch with all of our favourite foods – sandwiches, crisps, fruit and cake!

Over the years the weather has always been really sunny, it’s already been pretty hot but it was raining at the 
start of the week so I hope it gets hotter!

Last year mum, dad, and I took a trip to our local cinema to watch a superhero film and they’ve promised to take me again this week. I’m so excited to go, I love getting popcorn!

Mum has also promised to make cakes with me for a whole day which will be really fun and yummy. I can’t make them on my own as I can’t use the oven without an adult.

I’m going to be really active as mum says this is better for me than staying inside watching television. I can’t wait to go swimming, play tennis, and continue running around outside!

What have you been up to this Easter holiday? Why not write in to me or send me your pictures of you and your friends and family?