Superheroes and fairies can be found in my house – and at the shops

SPIDERMAN was running around my house at the weekend – followed by a happy little fairy.

Yes, both of my little ones spent the weekend in their best disguises, with my son dressed as his favourite superhero and my daughter swishing happily in her pretty little fairy dress, running around like she is on one of her favourite programmes, Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.

My little superhero spent the day saving the world – with his toys playing the parts of the ‘baddies’ and the ‘goodies’ – as well as pretending to shoot his special spider web everywhere – including at mummy!

It is such a change from this time last year when he seemed to be the only child who did not like to play dressing-up. My daughter, on the other hand, has taken to dressing-up like a duck to water.

In fact she is so enthusiastic we tend to have costume changes throughout the day, with her pretty fairy dress and wings being substituted for an equally puffy and girly Minnie Mouse dress.

But of course no dressing-up day would be complete without leaving the house dressed in their best.

So I took Spiderman and my little fairy out to visit family before a little trip to the shops.

Well, even superheros have to eat!

And then the pair of them were bombing around the garden in their costumes, playing in the sandpit, making daisy chains and having races down the slide.

For the record, Spiderman is a little quicker at going down the slide rather than a fairy.

It is just so lovely watching their little imaginations run wild and they absolutely love it when I join in.

My daughter keeps trying to make me wear her fairy dress, not quite realising that maybe mummy might be a little bit too big for it.

And now my son keeps asking about the possibility of having a few more dressing-up outfits – especially superhero ones.

So when you spot Iron Man and a little princess in the supermarket next week, don’t be too surprised.

School realisation

IT IS all seeming a little bit more real after I went to my son’s new school to officially register him.

Walking to the school in the morning with all the other children and parents suddenly brought it all home that in a couple of months, I am going to be doing this for real.

And I know the first time I see him in his little school uniform, my eyes are going to well up a lot!

I know he is really ready for school, I suppose the question is, am I?