STUART MCGINLEY: The real test for my healthy living and good eating comes at Easter...

WELL, let me start by saying Happy Easter – Christmas feels like a long time ago now, despite chocolate eggs appearing in the shops last December!

I will be trying to avoid eating any Easter eggs because last Easter I was about to embark on a plan to lose four stone and I don’t want to return to bad habits.

The makers of Crème Eggs have changed the recipe this year and apparently they don’t taste as nice.

I was pleased to hear this as I don’t feel like I am missing out so much now.

Last year I was hooked on these little fondant-filled eggs and could easily eat six a day, I literally ate hundreds in the build-up to Easter, sounds like the makings of a Channel 5 documentary!

I needed to make a change but was delaying it for just another week and would always come up with an excuse, the weather, holiday or my impending birthday etc, excuses, excuses!

I made a lifestyle change and promised myself that once I reached my target weight, I would maintain it and not yo-yo as I have in the past.

Millions of pounds are spent by us every year, trying to lose weight and find a short-cut, and the simple fact is there isn’t one.

I managed to lose four stone within six months, not by starving myself, replacing meals with shakes or taking magic pills, but simply through healthier eating and doing more exercise.

The body is an engine, put more in than you burn off and the clothes get tighter.

Despite Christmas and two holidays, I am so pleased to have managed to maintain my weight but need to remember it was a lifestyle change.

I still eat the bad things occasionally but make sure I burn it off and having a very active border collie also helps a lot.

I guess the real test comes after Easter when the supermarkets start selling those Crème Eggs in bulk for less!

If you are thinking of losing weight and getting fitter, try it now as spring is in the air and it definitely gives you an extra bit of incentive with summer just around the corner.

Good luck!