RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Watch out for the elusive little gull

Watch out for the little gull
Watch out for the little gull

The smallest gull in Europe will soon be passing along the Sussex coast.

Don’t blink – there’s only one in March, but by April a massive 300 are usually counted over the whole month at places such as Worthing, Littlehampton, and Selsey.

No doubt you’ll see hundreds, if not thousands, of black-headed gulls along the beaches.

Well, the little gull is five inches shorter even than those rather small gulls.

It may not have that lovely velvet black hood yet but what you will notice is that it is much darker underneath than any other gull.

They are only passing through. The little gull nests in Holland and much farther east in greater numbers along the Baltic.

But one has tried to nest in Norfolk, so you never know perhaps we shall one day get them here.

Nearest midget look-alike is the little tern but that is two inches shorter still with totally different tail – and that does nest here.