Mum’s The Word...Little boy wants to be a baby again, but only when it suits him

So while my baby daughter is determined to grow up as quickly as possible, my little boy has decided it is more fun to be a baby.

My little lady has taken to thrashing her legs around and flapping like a seal.

She is desperate to move around and is already managing to wiggle herself around to the side.

I’m now preparing myself for months of frustration from her as she tries to roll, sit and (not too soon please) walk!

She is also putting in extra practice for a future of being a chatterbox with lots of lovely baby talk and is nosier about the world than one of those curtain-twitchers.

And this week she also decided she is big enough to start arguing with me about what she wants.

She attempted to have a battle over feeding and decided to reject bottles of expressed milk for the first time.

Eventually I won, but only after a few hours of stubbornness from her.

She even had the cheek to start laughing at me when I offered her the bottle.

Meanwhile my little man has decided, when it suits, he would much rather be a baby.

Cast aside are his big boy toys in favour of shape-sorters, teething rings and rattles which keep finding their way into his room.

Seemingly the baby toys are far more exciting.

He has been sticking his fingers in his mouth because that is what his baby sister does, and he wants to be carried everywhere.

Mind you, seeing him crawl under her baby activity gym and sit his legs in the air also sends me into fits of secret giggles.

‘I’m a baby, mummy’ he keeps telling me whenever I tell him he is a big boy.

But then the next minute he decides he wants to be a grown-up, which according to him is when he turns 12.

This week as I was coming up the stairs I spotted him walking across the landing carrying his potty drawer to the bathroom to tip his big boy wee wee down the toilet.

‘I can do it because I’m a grown-up’ he declared as I desperately tried to combine praising his efforts with trying to avert the need for a big clean-up operation.

And suddenly deciding he wants to be a big boy always seems to coincide with when he wants something his sister is too little to have – such as ice cream!

Whether baby or grown-up, I know for sure he is a gorgeous little monkey – and I know his sister is going to be just like him!

Everyone’s booking a slice of this hype

Update on the book the whole of femaledom is talking about – even my mum is reading it.

She joins my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, various friends and seemingly half the female population in reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

And with the supermarkets selling it at a knockdown price, the hype looks set to continue.