MILLY’S MUSINGS: Smiling through dry January and I’m told I have an expressive face...

I would like to start by apologising for the photo that accompanies this column.

Granted, I haven’t actually seen it yet, but considering that the photographer said to me ‘Don’t worry, people with expressive faces rarely take nice photos’ doesn’t leave me with a great deal of hope.

Actually, that probably sets the tone beautifully for what is to be a regular feature from me.

My life tends to be packed full of awkward, embarrassing and cringe-worthy experiences’, all of which I relive for four hours each day while on air…

And I wouldn’t change a thing. I am blessed, I have a brilliant job where every day is so vastly different from the last, packed full of various challenges and opportunities.

For example, this month I was asked to take part in Spirit FM’s Dry January, a month with no alcohol at all.

Now, for the first two weeks this was not a problem… a quite heavy New Year’s Eve saw to that.

The only real issues came in the form of ‘Can I eat Amaretto chocolates?’ or ‘Is cooking risotto with wine okay?’.

This was until I went to the cinema… I went to grab a fizzy pop only to see staring down at me from the shelf, wine.

How long have they been serving alcohol at the flicks?

It was like it had been done on purpose to taunt us Dry January folk in what had formerly been a safe haven. Not impressed, Cineworld!

(Yes, I’ll be singing from a very different hymn sheet come February).

Anyway, best of luck to anyone else currently taking part in this month of sobriety. I certainly have noticed a difference in my pocket.

I have a slight (or is that HUGE) new-found obsession with the strange and beautiful Benedict Cumberbatch at the moment, so couldn’t stop chuckling to myself when, on my Sunday run, a locksmith drove past me… ‘Surelock Homes’ was the business name. It’s sometimes the simple things in life that keep you smiling.

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