Lower Life: That’s the end of term - so here’s your Pompey homework

Kevin Blake's garden bar The Chimes - what have you named after Pompey?
Kevin Blake's garden bar The Chimes - what have you named after Pompey?

It doesn’t seem five minutes since this column first appeared in The News. Oh hang on, it wasn’t – it was just over six months ago.

Now we come to the end of the run wondering where the season went and what on earth I waffled on about for 28 weeks.

For some Pompey fans, the highlight of the season will have been the moment they learned the Pompey Supporters’ Trust’s bid to buy the club had finally been approved.

For me, it was finding out someone had a tortoise called Benjani. And someone else had a cockatiel called Linvoy.

This particular corner of the paper will never reflect life in the north lower stand in the same way other parts of the Pompey pages will.

There’s enough people analysing the likely make-up of next season’s squad and examining what Johnny Ertl will do after he’s back from the Philippines.

So I have some close-season homework for you. I have a few projects in mind but I need you to do the work.

First, I want to extend the theme of pets named after Pompey players which kept us (well, me) entertained for a few weeks in the depths of winter.

I want to hear about any object – living or inanimate (sorry, am I allowed a four-syllable word on the sport pages?) – which has a Pompey name or connection.

I know from dealings with some of you that you have named houses, broadband routers and children, among other things, with the super Blues in mind.

So tell me about them. The more obscure the better.

By way of inspiration, check out the picture of Kevin Blake’s Pompey garden bar, below left. A finer drinking den I doubt you’ll find.

In addition, I want you to hunt down any pictures of you with past or present Pompey players – the older the better, this time.

One of my first jobs of the new season will be to publish a whole starting line-up and subs’ bench of Pompey fans.

It will be of little use to mankind, or anyone, but it’ll entertain me for, ooh, minutes. So don’t let me down – get on with your homework.

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