LAURA CARTLEDGE: We’re sexist and we don’t know it – which makes it harder to stop...

A bus stop told me to ‘man up’ the other day.

Or rather the poster on it for a burger did.

Which struck me as strange and a bit off-putting. Would taking a bite make me grow a beard?

I don’t think I’ll risk it.

It sounds obvious, but it is amazing the things you find when you are looking for them. Apart from car keys, but I am sure they have a mind of their own.

Little phrases make it in to everyday without us even blinking an eye.

Not too long ago I had to pick my car up after its MOT and to do so I had to reverse around a bend.

Now, I’ll be honest, that isn’t something I am confident with anyway, but on this day I was recovering from a tear in my abdominal wall – which, amazingly IS more painful than it sounds.

And it sounds pretty grim, I think you will agree?

So, yes, laughing hurt... never mind twisting my body.

Knowing this, I sheepishly decided to ask the mechanic to back it out for me.

Simple request, I think you will agree. But how to phrase it?

Perhaps it was because I didn’t want to explain about my belly-hole and give him nightmares of the Alien film variety.

And because I was flustered, having just spent a lot of money on a bit of plastic for some oil thing I didn’t really understand.

Either way, it wasn’t until the words had left my mouth that I realised I had opened by apologising for being a ‘massive girl’.

I mean...What?

For one, I’m not a flick-my-hair, click-clank heels, puppy-dog-eyes kind of person. For two, I’d a very good reason for asking.

Saying ‘Oi mate, do us a favour,’ while wiping my nose on my sleeve would be more my style. Which I probably shouldn’t admit to either...