LAURA CARTLEDGE: The festive period may be over, but my bah humbug feeling won’t end

ONLY eight days into 2015 and I already feel like it is going to be a long year.

Granted it’s not helped by the fact today is my birthday.

This means, in the space of just two weeks, I’ve had Christmas, celebrated New Year and got older..

On one hand it feels like the year is over – oh well, just 50 weeks to go.

But that is quite a depressing and exaggerated hand, the other is a bit more rational.

Sadly, both are pointing the fingers of blame at the politicians for making time drag.

Yes – there is an election coming.

No – I don’t want to hear about it every moment of every day until then.

I’m bored of it. Then I get annoyed at being bored of it.As my generation is often accused of being ‘uninterested’, when in truth it’s more dire.

We’re disconnected, disheartened and, well, despairing – something I’m sure many can relate to.

So much so I genuinely got excited when we got a hung government.

Wholeheartedly I thought ‘this is it, this is when politics gets the long overdue overhaul’.

I like to see it as optimism, not naïvety.

This time around, even my tried and tested method of decision-making lets me down.

I usually decide by asking myself: ‘what/who would you least like to be stuck in a lift with?’.

If Milliband, Cameron, Clegg or Farage were my options, I think I would do a Tom Cruise move and climb out through the ceiling.

It’s embarrassing. And as they begin fling dung at each other, I can’t help but compare our politicians with those of other countries.

We got the short straw and I don’t know how or when we picked it.

There’s no solace in the fact ‘it’ll be over soon’ because even when the vote is done, we are arguably in for more of the same.

Sigh. Happy New Year everyone.