LAURA CARTLEDGE: So, is there such a thing as being spring-lagged? If not, there is now!

CALL me crazy but I am not convinced the clocks only leapt on an hour.

And to be honest it feels like they haven’t slowed down since.

The bank holidays haven’t helped either.

It is a shame really; they seem like such a good idea on paper, and I mean who doesn’t like a four-day weekend?

But can anyone tell me why I am doubly tired, despite having twice the amount of time off?

Which isn’t helped by the fact it seems my to-do list has multiplied too.

It’s not like I did anything stressful.

My only plan was baking creme egg chocolate brownies.

Piled high with enough sugar-fuelled energy, you would think I would be struggling to get down from the ceiling, not struggling to get up.

Maybe I am just spring-lagged – which if it isn’t a thing already, should most definitely be.

Or it could be the fact I stayed up past 10pm, at least twice, as I caught up over dinners with friends and family.

Cooing over the wildlife at Gaston Farm in Slindon can’t be to blame. They have open lambing days on until April 24 and it is the perfect way to while away some hours.

My visit was simply brilliant. Sitting there with a lamb on my lap, and doing my new-found impression of Bond villain Blofeld with a rural twist, I could not have been happier.

Well, I could have been, but taking the wonderful woolly creatures home is not allowed apparently.

And neither is pocketing a chick or baby duck.

Not that I tried to do either, you understand...

I guess the reason for my yawns is simple really.

It is the same thing which causes the day before a holiday to be the most stressful.

Time off is mostly an illusion.

But that is part of what makes it so nice when you do get some.

It is a shame you only ever really appreciate it when it is over.