LAURA CARTLEDGE: Often the most important news is the stuff not in the headlines...

CLARKSON is one thing I could write about this week.

But after seeing Snickers has sent him a box of its bars, saying ‘you’re not you when you are hungry’ – I think that topic has been won.

Then there have been the good old politicians you can always count on for saying the silliest things.

And, then there was the revelation that Milliband has a lacklustre

kitchen or two.

Meanwhile, the death of author Terry Pratchett made headlines – as much for his remarkable writing as for his inspiring work to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s.

Red Nose Day saw Dermot dancing, Stephen Hawking being hilarious and Bake Off up to its usual brilliance.

Of course, like every week, there’s been important and inspiring things which didn’t make such a splash.

You might not have heard about Andrea Annear, for example,

She’s one half of Britain’s first-ever married Down’s Syndrome couple.

Along with husband Paul, she fought to be able to do something that many of us take for granted – to marry the person you love.

You may have heard about their big day back in 2004.

You may, like me, have only heard about them on Friday when the news of Andrea’s death, age just 45, was announced.

Or, perhaps, you are just hearing about it now.

The ‘when’ doesn’t really matter.

What she, and Paul, did is what matters.

As writer Susie Boniface, aka Fleet Street Fox, put it, their ‘actions reach all of us’.

“They proved that being born different doesn’t make you less human, and that disabilities are something to overcome and deal with rather than submit to.”

Which is something I’d like to hear about – over stroppy presenters or politicians’ decor choices – any day.