LAURA CARTLEDGE: Mysterious blue plaques offer a fresh perspective on city streets

Will you remember today? In ten years’ time, chances are your overpriced egg sandwich won’t have left an impression.

Forgotten – along with the funny picture of an owl you saw online and the puddle you cursed at as it left your socks sodden on the way home.

Most days aren’t remarkable – which is just as well as my memory struggles to even retain the few that are.

I even managed to go the whole way to Bruges last summer and stand in the centre of the square before realising I’d been there before.

I like to see it as a positive – after all, I must have more adventures than most, albeit the same ones.

However, even for me, these are few and far between.

When was the last time you looked with fresh eyes at the familiar?

For me it was this week, Monday to be exact.

Most days I amble up Chichester’s East Street – unless it is raining, then I tend to just forage from my desk drawers.

But like I said, most days, which is a lot, so I hope I can be forgiven for being a bit blinkered.

Only breaking my pace if there is a brilliant busker or person with a tray of chocolate outside Montezuma’s.

The rest is a blur – that was until I spotted it. Something new.

A disc of blue (English Heritage plaque style) which caught my eye and my attention.

Tied with brown string around the tree, above the bench, outside M&S.

Then I saw another marking the spot of the best chocolate brownies in the city.

I definitely recommend finding that one –- and seeing for yourself if the claim is real (it is).

Honestly, the project has made my week and I would love to find the people behind it – making it a treasure hunt inside a treasure hunt, I suppose.

In the meantime, I can’t help thinking what the blue plaques of my day would say...

‘Laura sat here and pondered.’