LAURA CARTLEDGE Life’s like That...With spring here it’s time to lose the heavy winter coat and enjoy

I’ve been rebellious this week – venturing to work, for the first time in a long time, without my winter coat.

The birds are singing, blossom is blooming and it is not just light outside when I am in the office!

Sure I might be pretending it is warmer than it is – but the sun is out and I’m going to make the most of it.

In fact I think spring might just be my favourite season, however to admit this is to note I am getting older. The childlike delight that used to come by the shovel-load as the snow fell has been eclipsed by more grown-up worries.

Granted I still run out to make sure my footprints are the first to taint the crisp white blanket on the lawn, but I do so more slowly, ever conscious of the fear of falling, after all ‘it’s a long way down isn’t it?’ And I come back in more quickly, snow being less fun and more chilly than I remember.

Summer and I have never been friends either. My complexion means I spend most of it in, or looking for, shade.

And if I dare to step out into the light I have to do so under a layer of factor 50 suncream – a requirement which somewhat takes away the carefree feeling this season should bring.

So it’s between autumn and spring. Autumn has its gorgeous colours and long walks with that delicious leafy crunch underfoot in its favour while spring has cut grass and nature putting on a show as the planet shakes off its wintery slumber.

Autumn has snuggles in front of the fire and spring has picnics – it’s a tough decision.

But I suppose it is really about more than just the weather, everyone seems happier with spring in the air.

Dare I say it, even traffic jams aren’t so bad with the window down and the music turned up.

And one of the best things?

This Sunday we get to celebrate mums!

Those special ladies who always have the magic touch of making you feel better – armed with no more than a hug and a cuppa.

Me and mine have always been close, she’s my best friend and despite the fact I don’t think it should take a special day to tell someone they mean the world to you – it’s a good excuse for more of those hugs.