LAURA CARTLEDGE Life’s like That...A missing sense of direction, or do I just lack confidence?

I passed my driving test in 2006 with just one minor. That’s not a boast; it’s the start of a confession.

The thing is while I love motoring about, and the freedom that comes with it – I have never been that confident at it.

In fact few things fill me with more dread than having to hit the road to somewhere I haven’t been before, especially if I am travelling alone.

I think a lot of this fear is down to my complete lack of geographical awareness.

And when I say complete lack, I mean it – just last week I got lost in Chichester. Yes, I know the city is designed around a compass. Yes, I have worked here for nearly two years and yes, I did have a map.

My lack of simple skills has reached such a degree I almost see it as a skill in itself.

I do have excuses however.

Like the fact I left for university almost straight away after getting my licence.

Meaning that for three years I replaced my own transport for public transport – and that old-fashioned means of getting around known as walking.

Despite this I have always shunned sat-navs, preferring to struggle. Or relying instead on directions scribbled, by a parent, on a post-it note.

So this week when a visit to a land far, far away (Worthing) was sprung on me, I have to admit I was worried.

Especially when I found my usual back-up, national rail, weren’t going to come to my rescue. Figuring events had conspired to push me outside my comfort zone, I took a deep breath and got behind the wheel.

As it turns out, it wasn’t so bad. And it struck me that road signs and signposts in particular are very useful inventions.

The fact I managed to do something I would normally have considered as outside my abilities has got me thinking – perhaps it is confidence I am lacking rather than a sense of direction.

** Rubik’s conundrum

I have found something to add to my list of 30 things to do before I am 30.

Leaning how to solve a Rubik’s Cube which has bewildered generations.

My desire to crack them was inspired by seeing one being solved in under two minutes at a party the other night.

The only thing I am worried about is...once the mystery has gone will it have lost the magic?