LAURA CARTLEDGE: It’s time to live dangerously as the adults leave us home alone

THIS week the parents are away.

You can imagine the scene can’t you?

Two sisters, both in their twenties, left in charge...

Oh, the possibilities.

The wild parties, surviving on take-aways and ignoring the growing laundry pile.

No one to tell us we can’t have chocolate trifle for breakfast or cereal for tea.

And it has been rock ‘n’ roll so far all right.

Before they had even disappeared down the driveway, we were hatching a plan.

But perhaps not one you’d expect.

We bundled into my Volkswagen polo and went on a road trip.

Destination? The pumpkins at Slindon, followed by a visit to the pottery.

Then, wait for it, we popped to the supermarket as we needed toilet roll and milk.

This was just the start of a crazy afternoon.

Back at home we cooked fajitas before settling down with popcorn to watch The Wizard of Oz.

I would be lying if I said we were in bed by 10pm – it was at least quarter past.

However we have been living a little dangerously.

In a moment of madness, and guilt as we weren’t going on holiday with them, our mum filled the fridge with an assortment of meals.

The only problem being this has left us playing a daily game of ‘what food goes out of date today?’

It is at the point where we have had to make a list for the week and stick it on the fridge.

Especially as yesterday’s plan for a pasta bake was usurped when we found a forgotten bowl of bubble and squeak on the bottom shelf.

Of course it might not be everyone’s idea of ‘fun’.

But given a choice between making halloween cookies or battling a hangover this weekend, I know what I would prefer.