LAURA CARTLEDGE: If there are two sides to every story, why is one not being told?

Laura Cartledge.
Laura Cartledge.

THERE is a lot of point missing going on at the moment isn’t there?

Take the case of US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden.

As television crews and world leaders ignore what he uncovered in favour of playing an international game of “Where’s Wally.”

Only with the people who are looking the wrong way being the idiots.

Then there is the outrage that big companies may/ or may not - depending on what day it is - be employing people from overseas.

Yes job hunting is horrible and hard work.

We are in a climate where “over qualified” is a problem not a plus.

Competition is rife and it is often a case of lowest bidder wins.

But jobs are out there.

No they may not be the dream fit, good hours, well paid and interesting.

They might not even have more benefits than being on benefits - but that is a whole different story.

In fact I have come to the conclusion when it comes to being employed you have two choices;

You can be stressed.

Or you can be bored.

There are arguments for both.

The first will have more lows, but also more highs - the sense of achievement heightened by the hell you’ve gone through to get there.

The second is a job in its purest form, your brain checking in and out when you do.

I should also point out that the EU rules work both ways – which could be why the majority of people I saw working in Magaluf were British, but that is something the headlines haven’t picked up either.

Then there’s the World Athletics Championships.

Don’t get me wrong – I am loving seeing Bolt and Christine Ohuruogu be unbelievable human beings.

However I can’t help but hear the deafening silence of what is going on outside the walls of that Moscow stadium.