LAURA CARTLEDGE: If money is the motivator then you might be in the wrong job...

MONEY makes the world go round... around in circles it would seem.

As many of us are writing our lists and checking our bank accounts twice, the news has broken that the MPs’ pay rise looks set to go ahead.

If I were a cynic (which I am) I might suggest the timing of Sunday’s announcement seems a little convenient.

With the world’s eyes, or our media’s cameras at least, locked on South Africa, it certainly makes a good time to bury news.

Speaking of which, has anyone seen the autumn statement lately? I am sure it was around here somewhere.

I should say that talking about such a topic without generalising is impossible.

I know there are good politicians, who work hard and submit honest expenses – there must be, mustn’t there?

And it could be argued these people deserve to be rewarded.

It could also be said that £74k is a figure many of us can only dream of. The rise adds up to 130 days of NHS nurses, 122 days of police constables or 243 days of soldiering.

Now if I had to flip a coin to choose...

The problem is money shouldn’t be the motivator.

In fact, if you take into account that people have to leave their jobs, self-fund a campaign trail and work their way up, while still paying bills and managing to eat – even the current ‘low’ wage is only open to a certain set of people who can afford to apply.

Which could explain why the green benches are stuffed with politicians from a similar – to quote Boris – ‘species’.

In the good old days, people wouldn’t get paid for politics – granted in our modern world it is very much a full-time job – but perhaps a taste of reality could be just the medicine needed.

I don’t think a second house helps to teach you about tightening belts... Does it? It would seem we aren’t all in this together after all.