LAURA CARTLEDGE: I love lightbulb moments that lead you on a different path

SPEAKING to inspiring people is, brilliantly, part and parcel of my day job.

My interest in journalism is very simple – I like meeting people and I like writing.

And sometimes I just have those moments which say ‘this is why I do what I do’.

Most recently a chat with a fitness expert gave me that feeling.

She just made one seemingly simple comment and my head came alive – as if filled with confetti cannons and dancing girls.

I suppose I should add that exercise and I aren’t the best of friends.

I put up with it, mostly, in a ‘if I do this then I can eat this’ kind of way.

I like it hidden, ideally inside something fun, or like how parents put vegetables in spaghetti bolognese.

Having said that, I did do a 14-mile bike ride the other day.

Which must have sounded like a good idea.

Suggested, like it was, in a fun way by my partner – in an ‘I’ll run, you ride’ couple’s outing concept.

Sadly it was seven miles from home that the bike gave a clue to why it may have been free to a good home.

I’ll never overrate suspension again.

Anyway, hopefully you get the idea...

So there I was, looking forward to hearing the lady’s story.

We spoke about her time in France, dance training at Pineapple in London and why fitness is important.

She believes people often view it wrongly, like a chore, and that we should change our mindsets.

And she just said: “If you have a dog you don’t think about not taking them out for a walk every day, but people don’t take themselves.”

Bang. My lights came on.

It’s so beautifully true.

It is not uncommon that pets get treated better than we treat ourselves, but in a way it is sad.

With the clocks changed and the evenings lighter, I might just start taking myself for a walk more often.