LAURA CARTLEDGE: Houston I have a problem – I’m sceptical about space, but I like it

I AM a bit of a space sceptic.

Never really understanding why we were looking to infinity and beyond before sorting out right here and now.

There’s the money for a start.

Earth has its own black hole of a recession – which seems more pressing than seeing ants get on in zero gravity.

But I think my mind has been changed.

Or at the very least my opinion softened.

Almost like rehydrating vacuum-packed noodles.


I blame Channel 4 and its recent out-of-this-atmosphere adventures.

If you didn’t catch it, I strongly suggest finding it online.

Other than the Sewing Bee, it is the only thing on the box recently which has made me put down my crochet and concentrate.

It is mind-boggling. And I think it is good for the mind to be boggled at times.

From the sleeping booths on all four walls – after all there is no up or down – to the astronaut who went for a space walk and nearly drowned.

I just.. It is mad. Even now, to think there are people above us, hurtling around the planet.

It certainly makes your day seem very ordinary.

Not that I am planning a career change.

I am terrified of just being a piggy-back distance from the ground.

And any other spacewoman inclinations were quashed by seeing the trailer for Gravity.

I’d rather risk typos than, well, death which I think is fair enough.

Perhaps I can soothe my objections by labelling the whole issue as ‘proof mankind is pretty amazing’.

Deep down, I am glad someone is doing it.

After all if this planet does get so broken we can’t fix it, their work may be our only chance of having a plan B.