LAURA CARTLEDGE: Back in class... and discovering you are never too old to learn

I like to think “everyday is a school day.”

But since swapping university for the office, two years and four months ago, my education has only been fuelled by my curiosity.

Mostly consisting of meeting people, travelling, googling things and watching QI.

Some of what I have learnt is useful, and some – like that hippos’ milk is pink and moths are just butterflies of the night – isn’t.

Anyway I digress.

This week saw me start back at college.

It is only one morning a week to learn shorthand but it has made me see things in a whole new light.

I think it is because, normally – if there is such a thing, education is pretty much a one track system.

You go in one door wearing a blazer too big for you and come out years later armed with pieces of paper.

Of course it can be tailored a little along the way.

You may take the arts route, or sciences, or whichever route your friends were taking.

But largely speaking the start point and the finishing point are the same.

You don’t tend to go backwards.

However in the current jobs climate more and more people are having to look at other routes.

From on-the-job training, aimed at keeping skills up to date, to a complete change of career.

I’ll admit I didn’t really know what to do with myself. So I tried doing what I used to like best and went shopping for new stationery.

But I just stared hopelessly at the rainbow of pens and pristine erasers worrying if it would be hard to be the old-new kid.

Arriving 45 minutes early there was no doubt my inner geek was looking forward to being back in the classroom.

Before long I could see why – it was brilliant, tiring but brilliant and proved you are never too old to learn.

Now to buy that new pencil-case...