LAURA CARTLEDGE: Another Everest is conquered as I tackled the soufflés mystery

Achievements don’t have to be big things.

Okay so climbing a mountain will always be more impressive than, say, finally perfecting parallel parking.

But that didn’t stop me feeling smug.

After years of avoiding it and trailing for the ideal spot – you know the ones where you just drive in and stop – being able to parallel park, without instructions, was like my Everest.

And, to be honest, if I could have put a flag up to signal my success I would have done.

At the weekend I ticked off another ambition of mine.

I’ll warn you now it is a bit of a strange one...For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to cook a soufflé.

I blame having watched numerous television programmes.

Chefs always seem to speak about soufflés in a whisper.

While judges deem it a ‘brave choice’ which viewers know is really code for ‘big mistake’.

But undeterred, and in the name of Mother’s Day, my sister and I donned our armour, or rather aprons, and set up camp in the kitchen.

The plan was a three course menu and we chose our dishes wisely.

Baked Camembert with a collection of chutneys - rescued from cupboards and the back of the fridge meaning we gained points from dad – for starters.

And served with fresh crusty bread it went down a treat.

Salmon wellington, dauphinoise potatoes with broccoli and home-grown runner beans came next.

Then, with plates clean, it was judgement time.

The coconut and lime soufflé recipe we’d found said it served two portions so we doubled it, only to end up with enough for two family-sized pie dishes.

With a deep breath we opened the oven door, and happily found they looked like the picture.

Before handing the ‘spoon of truth’ to mum.

It wasn’t perfect, but it was delicious, which makes it a victory in my book.