LAURA CARTLEDGE: A stitch in time puts me on the path to creating a new wardrobe

I always knew joining the WI would be good for me.

A bit like a finishing school – just a little late.

The latest activity was a Saturday spent dressmaking. And I have brought home more than just improved zip-sewing skills.

I left in scruffy jeans and a hoodie and came back a lady – well wearing a dress to say the least.

Plus it fitted, which is more than can be said for most of my clothes.

It’s not that I don’t want to look nice, I guess I just have things higher up my priority list – and I hate shopping.

My hair does it’s own thing and my wardrobe would scare the Snow Queen back to Narnia.

It’s a haven for stolen jumpers and MC-Hammer-style baggy trousers.

But making a dress really made me see the value that goes into clothes.

And the benefit of a good fit.

After all, a few well-chosen items is more useful than a mountain of unwearables.

Or better still, I could use my new-found skills to craft myself a collection.

I’d better warn my sewing machine.