KELLY BROWN: Who knew one of my tasks was still to negotiate climbing frames?

SO I thought my climbing frame days were over. Apparently not – and actually I’m secretly happy about it.

Like so many other people at the weekend I made the most of the sunshine and got out and about with my little ones.

Accompanied by their older cousin and her mum we all headed to a country park for a fantastic springtime walk.

My little man and his cousin immediately headed off to scramble all over the adventure playground – closely followed by my little lady who thinks she is as big as they are.

And after lots of careful climbing, balancing and jumping on all of the lower-level stuff, the two older ones headed for a bigger A-shaped climbing frame which has a ladder on one side and a scramble net on the other.

‘Mummy, can you help me climb over please?’ came a call from my son who was determined not to let this obstacle beat him.

So up I went and helped him to carefully negotiate his way over the top so he could climb down the other side.

‘Auntie Kelly, can you help me too?’ then came the plea from my niece, prompting a rerun of my assistance.

(All the while my daughter is being held back because she was desperate to demonstrate her Spidergirl skills, even though she is not even two yet!)

And so we continued on our walk, with the little ones taking great delight in climbing trees, picking up sticks, discovering secret dens and hoof prints.

And eventually we came across a new giant-sized climbing frame. It was huge – with a choice of scaling it by a big scramble net, ladder or ‘pegs’ attached to a log.

‘Mummy, can you help me.......?’ ‘Auntie Kelly, can you help me too.....?’

And so I found myself climbing up with the children to the top platform which must have been at least ten foot from the ground to enjoy the view.

I was feeling quietly proud of myself, and it was lovely to be able to join in with them on their adventure.

So, its time to enjoy my climbing days for a little while longer then!

Cutting the grass

I FINALLY cut my grass on Saturday, and now I am wondering if that was such a great idea.

To be fair it was looking untidy, and the lack of a really cold winter meant the usual window of it not growing at all was missed so it needed it.

But of course once you start cutting the grass, it starts growing and you have to keep cutting it.

So what seemed like a good idea has actually created more work. Doh!