KELLY BROWN: Turn on your TVs and prepare for your children to be brainwashed!

‘MUMMY, I want that, and that, and that. Oh and mummy I want that...’

Please can someone reassure me I am not the only one hearing these words at the moment?

Yes the time has come when pre-Christmas advertising hits our screens with a vengeance.

On every children’s channel, the advert breaks seem longer and are packed full of toy adverts, and the occasional cleaning product!

And the children are lapping it 
up. My son even asked me to delay turning off the television the other day because an advert came on he had not seen before.

‘It might be a good one, mummy,’ he told me.

Now I would not mind, but I am actually fairly strict when it comes to TV time at home.

I usually limit it to first thing in the morning (to allow for wake-up time) and just before bed (for wind-down time).

After all, there are much more fun activities which could be enjoyed rather than sitting in front of the box.

But seemily this short period of time is more than enough to brainwash my children to want everything in the entire world.

I keep correcting my son to say he ‘would like’ certain things rather than simply say ‘I want that’.

And my gentle words informing him he can’t have everything seem to be having no effect on him.

I may have to start getting tough, not that he ever really expects toys and presents by the truckload!

In fact, I am very lucky because it takes him an entire week to open his birthday presents because every time he opens a gift, he wants to play with it straight away.

So at least I know he appreciates what he gets, and this will hopefully rub off on his sister as she gets older.

He may also learn a little bit of a lesson at the weekend because he has some birthday money to spend.

So when I take him to the toyshop, he will be left with some tough choices.

Thought I suspect when he does his Christmas list, it will be a little longer than last year!

Too early to be festive?

IT GOES against all my instincts, but I have purchased my first Christmas present of the year.

I like being organised, but buying gifts in September (which it still was) feels just too early!

But popular gifts are already selling out so I feel forced to make a start.

I am not one for ‘popular’ presents, but my daughter is ‘Frozen’ mad and I know how popular its gifts will be.

I just it does not make me feel all ‘bah-humbug’ before December.