KELLY BROWN: This cake-making is getting out of hand, but then it is all worth it!

IT WAS another late creation, but was deemed a triumph as I carefully crafted my son’s fifth birthday cake the night before his party.

He was so pleased with his Spiderman cake, which saw me go a little crazy with a giant web, a night-time scene and buildings.

And thank goodness, because it took me hours to decorate. I don’t know why I do this to myself every year.

When I walk past all those perfectly-decorated cakes in the supermarket, I know I should just grab one of them.

But I can’t bring myself to do it.

It is like a weird mummy instinct thing which hits me. Children’s birthdays = cake-making!

Maybe it is the fact his birthday coincides with the Great British Bake-Off so I am being brainwashed into a cake-making mindset.

The actual making of the huge chocolate cake took no time at all (neither did the eating) but the decorating was a different matter.

The covering, the drawing, the cutting-out of buildings, windows and stars...

And at one stage I completely stripped the whole cake back and started again.

Seriously, what was I thinking?!

And then when the cake was (finally) done, I had to get on with the making of the party food, the filling of the party bags and the wrapping of presents. This birthday party thing is exhausting!

Still there is only seven months to go and I can do it all over again for my little girl.

She was excitedly telling me before she went to bed that on her birthday, she would like a party just like her brother.

And she would like a big Peppa Pig cake which she will share with her friends. Right then!

Well, I suppose at least I have some forewarning!

Oh well, it may be exhausting, but it is completely worth all the effort when it is appreciated.

And all this party planning and cake-baking is a distraction and stops me getting emotional about my little ones growing up too quickly.

Well for now, anyway!

Me and my girl

IT WAS me and my girl last week as I enjoyed my first taste of mummy and daughter-only days.

While my son was in school, the two of us had a lovely little time together, although she did ask where her brother was a lot of the time!

It is lovely she finally has her turn to have a spot of dedicated time every week alone with mummy.

And with only one child at home, the house was a lot quieter!