KELLY BROWN: The secret world of being a child is an eye-opener for all parents

MANY parents have said they would love to be a fly on the wall to watch their children sometimes.

And if the return of A Secret Life of a Four-Year-Old/Five-Year-Old/Six-Year-Old is anything to go by, there would be plenty to see.

This cracking little programme is a great watch for parents who can really get a feel for what is ‘normal’ behaviour, and what little ones get up to when their parents are not watching.

From the bossy to the sensitive child, the audience saw the children making and breaking friendships, working together and learning how to deal with their own emotions.

And it was all under the watchful eye of the child experts who explained why the children act as they do.

It must strike a chord with every parent, watching how all the children interacted together.

Firstly there was the little group of girls who where playing princesses and then decided to banish one girl to ‘another country’ and then later the group decided to try to upset her on purpose.

It all sounds rather horrendous, but as the experts explained, the relationships of girls are very intense and they tend to use such role play and these kind of scenarios to explore emotions.

This is why girls tend to have best friends they stick to like glue, and I can say for sure this is exactly what my daughter is like.

Meanwhile, over in the boys’ corner, one of the sensitive boys suddenly came into his own in a building task and was brimming with confidence while designing his team’s cardboard flying machine.

And then confidence later became a bit of cheekiness and, again, this is what my son can be like.

Throw in the explanation of some random singing – and only earlier this week I stood outside my daughter’s door and listened to her singing Jingle Bells – and the importance of a comforter, and you have a greater understanding of how your children’s minds work.

So if you want to understand your child a little bit better, as well as be entertained by their antics, then this really is a must-watch for everyone!