KELLY BROWN: The really tough questions are about the tooth fairy and television characters ...

‘MUMMY, is the tooth fairy really real?’ my little boy asked me after watching an episode of Peppa Pig where she looses a tooth.

‘Of course honey’, was naturally my answer, before going on to highlight examples of the tooth fairy in other children’s shows.

So, if he keeps his teeth clean, and is a good boy he can expect to be rewarded by the tooth fairy when the time comes.

That was easily dealt with. Not quite so easy though is when you are confronted with a six-foot version of children’s character .

This happened to me quite a few times last week when I enjoyed a couple of days at my regular family holiday spot – Butlin’s.

On stage, live and in the flesh (or costume) was Barney who both of my little ones still like.

‘Mummy, is it the REAL Barney?’ asked my four-year-old.

‘Erm, of course’, came my slightly hesitant reply which prompted a rather sceptical look.

‘It’s not REALLY Barney though is it – it is just a pretend one isn’t it?’

MMMmmmm. Now what do I do?

‘Yes honey, that is a pretend one – just don’t tell your little sister because she thinks he is the real Barney!’ came my considered reply.

He was happy with that (although seemed to have no problem accepting Bob The Builder as the ‘real one’) and loved keeping the illusion for his sister.

Obviously the REAL Barney is only on the TV!

But this started questions about other characters and creations which were on display and in the shows.

He fell in love with Butlin’s own Skyline Gang but desperately wanted to know whether the people on stage where just dressing up and pretending for the show. If so then where do the ‘real’ Skyline Gang live?

Oh goodness, is there a guidebook about how to answer all of these tricky questions. And these are not even the toughest ones I have to face!

Maybe I should spend a bit of time preparing my answers to these questions before they are asked!

Bake Off ruined

THANK you to the Great British weather for ruining the final of the Great British Bake Off.

That horrible storm on Tuesday night knocked out the signal on my Sky TV just as Bake Off was about to begin.

It came back again – while the rain hammered down, the lightening flashed in the sky and the wind blew – and I thought all was well again.

Until the final ten minutes when I lost it again. Gutted!