KELLY BROWN: The problem with keeping a secret...

NEVER trust a little one with a secret – they can never keep it!

Not that they mean any harm, it is just not in their nature to deceive.

A secret (assuming they remember it is a secret) is just far too exciting for a small child to keep. It is like a hilarious little joke which just needs to be told.

But most of the time they are just innocently passing along information or sharing stories from their day.

I witnessed a classic example after my little boy had an afternoon out with his daddy.

He just blurted out ‘mummy, we’ve just been buying your birthday card’ when he got home.

So cute. You just can’t trust them with anything.

Mind you, it seems a little more effort to deceive comes into play when he is trying not to get into trouble.

The other day I was confronted with a little puddle in the bathroom and a sink full of water where my son was enthusiastically washing his hands.

The conclusion was obvious, but when I asked him how the water got there I was amused by his tale which apparently involved a fish which had jumped out of the water.

A fish jumping out of my bathroom sink? Who would have guessed it?

So while trying hard to conceal the smile his tall tale had given me, I probe further and tell him mummy won’t be cross with him as long as he tells me the truth and not tell me fibs.

This time the make-believe fish was there, but my son may have accidently splashed a little bit of water on the floor. Now we are getting somewhere.

One last time to tell mummy the truth and he crumbles! Lying is just not in his nature.

And that is how it should be. Pure honesty, pure emotion, nothing to hide – even if at times that honesty might put you in am embarrassing situation when children comment or ask questions about total strangers.

But the absolutely lovely thing is I can believe in everything my son has to say.

And he completely made my day when he said ‘mummy, you are my best friend and I love you so much’.

My heart is just melting.

Marmite Sundays

DOWNTOWN Abbey really is turning into the Marmite Sunday evening show.

There are those who love it, tune in every week and would not miss an episode.

And there are those who hate it with a passion, pointing out how little happens in the space of an hour.

Me? Well I’ve always had a soft spot for a bit of a period drama.

I blame that Mr Darcy you know.