KELLY BROWN: The face doesn’t lie when you are that little, and it is cheeky as well

THERE is nothing more honest than the facial expression of a small child.

Pure joy – it shows, frustration – it shows, upset – it shows, cheekiness – it shows by the bucketful!

My lovely little lady seems to have taken it upon herself to compete for the cheekiest child award, and has started pulling all sorts of funny faces in a bid to make me laugh.

Who would have thought a totally screwed-up face, little cheeks and a mouthful of teeth could be that cute?

And she knows she is amusing me, so carries on doing it even more – sometimes with the added delight of blowing raspberries. Thanks for that!

And it is not the only facial expression which is catching my attention and putting a smile on my face.

Her little tongue seems to have taken on a life of its own – sticking out to the side in a sign of complete concentration as she attempts to master a new task.

So climbing the stars, walking along the furniture, pulling two shapes apart, are all tasks where you can guarantee that concentrating tongue will be showing.

It’s also a new game to see just how long she can continuously stick her tongue out at me, before resetting for another round.

Not to be outdone, my little man – now very proficient in the cheeky face – has perfected ‘that putting your fingers in your mouth and pulling it to the sides’ face.

And now he is experimenting with a new kind of cheeky face – the frown.

All of a sudden he will stop what he is doing, concentrate very hard on frowning before looking at me to make me laugh.

He is also very much into a ‘tricking mummy’ phase, attempting to fool me with his (not-so-great-yet) cunning and a great big smile on his face.

Between them I’ve got two little comedians on my hands.

I can see in years to come I’m really going to have two of the cheekiest little monkeys on my hands.

But at least I suppose their honest little faces will completely reveal their mischief, and I can look forward to lots of laughter to come.

Ready to rhumble?

So THAT lovable duo Ant and Dec could be topping the charts with Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble – and I love it!

I was in fits of laughter at their cheeky performance on Saturday Night Takeaway, and it apparently prompted thousands to download the PJ and Duncan 1994 hit. I remember dancing to it at the Radio One roadshow on Southsea Common. Happy days.

Time to dust off my old PJ and Duncan album then!

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